What is kanban?

Create and manage kanban boards online with Swell

Create A Kanban Board

Kanban is the best framework for agile product development

With Swell your work is represented visually on a kanban board, this allows you and your team members to see the state of every piece of work at any time.

Know what work is completed and what still needs your attention
Set goals and work towards milestones
All your projects in one place.
Build fast, launch faster

Let your projects flow with Kanban

Kanban is a powerful way to manage productivity and allows you to visually complete more tasks.
More than a landing page

Everything you need to launch your next  project.

A powerful suite of features to help you stay focused and productive on the tasks that need completing.
  • Boards
  • Notes
  • Columns
  • Sub Tasks
  • Cards
  • Labels
Create A Kanban Board
Build fast, launch faster

Our users are more productive with Kanban

Our users report feeling less stressed and completing more work in less time.
Sam Kent
When I saw how easy it was create tasks and duplicate boards I feel in love with the simplicity of Swell. I dont think I could go back to not using kanban for my personal productivity.

You'll be in good company.

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“Building our site was fast, simple and above all, fun! We were able to bring our launch up by weeks because Swell just made it so simple.”
Chelsea French
Business Owner